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How To Naturally Repel Ticks

Ticks can certainly cause problems whenever you are outside in the summer, including biting your children and pets. While most tick bites are harmless, they can spread some serious diseases if left unchecked. You don’t want to take that chance, and you can remove ticks by calling on tick control services in Galveston.

But what if the ticks aren’t around your home or yard? What if tick control services won’t be able to help? There are a few different ways to control ticks when outside, and most of them are pretty easy.

First, you want to keep ticks away from your skin. You should wear loose clothing that covers your arms and legs, and make sure your pants are tucked into your socks. Also, make sure that your clothing is lightly colored so you can spot if a tick lands on you. When outside on a trail or park, also make sure that you are keeping to open areas and staying away from the tall grass and bushes.

When you come home from an outdoor outing, check your hair and the folds of your clothing and skin for ticks. If you do find ticks on yourself or your pets, remain calm and remove it as quickly as you can. You just need to grab it and pull the entire thing out, and then dispose of it.

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The sooner that you remove the tick, the faster you stop any diseases from getting into the bloodstream. Ticks need to stay attached to their hosts for 36 hours to transmit any illnesses, so check yourself thoroughly and take a hot shower once you come back inside.

Taking these extra steps to watch for ticks is something that you will need to do every time you come inside, but those extra steps are certainly worth it.