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How Much Do Real Estate Agents Earn Per Year?

Good news for anyone looking to earn a real estate license in California: the state pays agents one of the highest salaries in the nation. People who work as real estate agents help other people make dreams come true and get rid of homes that turned out to be nightmares. If you are searching for a job with freedom, flexibility, and great pay, it is a good time to learn more about real estate agent positions.

As a real estate agent in California, the earnings that you make fluctuate from season to season. You might also find a big difference in salary based on the location you call home in the state. Agents in Beverly Hills and San Francisco make more money than agents in smaller, less known cities like San Bernardino.

The average agent earns a salary exceeding $75,000 per year. And, that salary includes tons of benefits and perks that average jobs do not offer. You won’t have a boss over your head all day long, you can enjoy flexible hours and have the chance to meet new people day by day.

California Real Estate License

To work as a real estate agent you must first attend schooling to earn your California Real Estate License. This takes less than a year and then you are ready to work. There are tons of opportunities for a person with a real estate agent to work and earn money. You can even return to school to further your education in the future if you choose.

Real estate agents are living the life. You can be among the next to enjoy that same lifestyle and help make other people happy. Learn more about jobs in the real estate sector and do more with your life than you ever imagined possible.